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Light Falling weight deflectometer in the Infratech exhibition of Essen

09. January 2014

Infratech Essen

For many years is InfraTech an established exhibition for the civil engineering sector in the Netherlands. From 15 January to 17 January 2014, InfraTech will launch a platform at first in Essen, Germany where the compplete infrustructure industry centralize. You are welcome to visit our stand for the new bluetooth light falling weight deflectormertor in… mehr

Ni Hao China

18. December 2013


The Light Weight Deflectometer of TERRATEST has been operated in China for many years. It represents outstanding projects, notably the construction of the high-speed railway Beijing-Shanghai. It is now the time to introduce TERRATEST dealers in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong the innovative features and comfortable handling of the new Light Falling Weight Deflectometer  “TERRATEST… mehr

Light Weight Deflectometer Conquers the World

15. June 2012

In Germany you can find it on nearly every civil engineering construction site. If during road construction, earthworks or pipeline and cable work, it is hard to imagine quick and precise determination of compaction quality without the Light Weight Deflectometer. By now the awareness of the advantages of this profitable test method has spread to… mehr

TERRATEST Has Been Accredited as Calibration Institute

12. February 2012

In December 2011 TERRATEST GmbH was accredited as official calibration institute for Light Weight Deflectometers by the German Federal Road Research Institute (BASt). The company, situated in Lehnitz near Berlin, has developed its own calibration system and is calibrating as well as repairing devices of all manufacturers. “Therefore we are able to serve our customers… mehr

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